Read about products from Kraft Tool Co., Titan, Sto Corp., Marshalltown Co. and Hy-Flex.

Spray gun and hopper

Kraft Tool Co.

The EZY Deck Pro Gun & Hopper sprays overlay and decking material and features a built-in downward hopper angle, ideal for decks and floors with flexible neck for variable positions. The product features a built-in fingertip handle and full grip trigger for ease and comfort. It comes with a removable nozzle and three removable tips for easy clean up.

Texture sprayer


The PowerTex Texture Sprayer allows contractors to make easy work of touch up jobs or small projects such as closets or bathrooms. The tool doesn’t need a compressor-it’s powered by a high-speed air turbine and plugs into a standard 15-amp wall socket. It comes equipped with three spray nozzles, allowing homeowners to choose the right spray nozzle cartridge for the job and achieve optimal results such as popcorn, knockdown or orange peel. The nozzles are part of the Lock ‘N Go Assembly and are easy to remove or change. With its patented Lock ‘N Go technology, a simple twist releases all “wet” parts from the texture sprayer. The used parts can simply be disposed or rinsed for re-use. The tool offers variable flow and sprays standard texture materials including aggregated, unaggregated texture and diluted joint compound for a textured, high-quality finish. The two-position, 1-gallon hopper can be configured to spray walls or ceilings without the use of adapters.

Stucco pump

Sto Corp.

The company’s All Purpose Stucco Pump can spray most of the company’s products, including its Powerwall Stucco and operates off of single-phase 230-volt power. It has a flow rate of 21 liters per minute and can spray up to 210 feet. Using the pump can help applicators complete stucco jobs faster and more efficiently.

Portable spray gun

Marshalltown Co.

The Enforcer portable texture sprayer features a power hopper design. A pressurized tank feeds mud through the new SharpShooter 2.0 gun ensuring a consistent spray. The tool will spray several types of textures and materials: knockdown, orange peel, acoustics, EIFS, stucco, cement-based materials, waterproofing, pool deck sealant and most gravity-fed materials.

Spray equipment for fireproofing, stucco, plaster, and EIFS


The company offers a full line of spraying equipment. Fireproofing units range from small 2L3 patch units that run off 110-volt to hydraulic-powered piston units capable of 60 bags per hour and pumping distances in excess of 500 feet and 30 stories vertically. Stucco and plaster units are available in gas, diesel and electric versions and range from portable units to tow behinds. The products feature ultra-high performance rotors and stators that pump farther and last longer than conventional units used in the industry. The spray equipment is American made.