The EIFS Industry Members Association applauds the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Program on its intent to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement for the development of innovative clean energy technologies for buildings that can be market-ready within five years of the award.

The program is seeking innovative energy savings ideas through mechanical systems and building envelope technologies. The timing of the Notice of Intent will allow for potential applicants to begin developing the potential partnerships and engage in all positive research and planning that will be needed to meet the requirements of the application for the program. The Notice of Intent states, “BTP’s goal is to create marketable technologies and design approaches that address energy consumption in existing and new buildings.”

“EIFS is proven to reduce energy costs more than other exterior claddings systems, while also offering design flexibility. Simply put, EIFS can help accomplish both the short and long term goals of businesses and homes,” said David Johnston, executive director of EIMA. “Due to the energy efficiency of EIFS, it may be possible in new construction to specify lower-capacity heating and air conditioning equipment without sacrificing anything in terms of interior comfort.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has evaluated the five life cycle stages of the environmental impact of EIFS. NIST determined over the 50 year life cycle of a building’s carbon footprint, EIFS is five times less than brick.

“EIFS provides a continuous layer of insulation. Putting EIFS on your building is like throwing a blanket over it on a cold day,” said Buck Buchanan, president of EIMA’s Board of Directors. “I was happy to recently offer EIMA’s support for another energy efficiency initiative the Better Building Challenge; as even our rivals are quick to admit we are the energy efficient alternative”.

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