The EIFS Industry Members Association announced enhancements to the EIFS Hero Awards program, an awards program that recognizes and promotes excellence in the EIFS industry.

New This Year

Expanded Geography
Project eligibility requirements have been expanded to include projects in all of North America. This will have several positive implications for the competition, including:

  1. Diverse Participation: By including projects from all of North America, the competition becomes more diverse. This allows for a broader representation of architectural styles, building types and regional influences in EIFS projects.
  2. Increased Participation: Expanding eligibility beyond the United States opens the door for EIMA members from Canada and other countries within North America to participate. This will increase the number of submissions, making the competition more competitive and vibrant.

Additional Categories
Two new categories are being introduced this year:

  • Renovation/Retrofit.
  • Prefabrication/Panelization.

By introducing new categories, the competition is adapting to industry trends and addressing specific challenges and opportunities within the EIFS sector. This expansion provides a platform for showcasing the expertise and capabilities of EIFS professionals in both renovation and innovative construction methods.

These enhancements are designed to make the awards more prestigious and reflective of the evolving EIFS industry.

Professionals in the EIFS industry are encouraged to showcase their outstanding projects. EIMA members interested can explore past award-winning projects on the EIFS Hero Awards webpage to get a sense of the quality and diversity of recognized EIFS projects.

Program details and an entry form can be found here.

Key Dates:

  • Submissions Due: Nov. 30, 2023
  • Judging: Jan. 22-26, 2024
  • Winners Notified: Feb. 6, 2024
  • Awards Ceremony: 2024 EIMA Annual Meeting (March 2024)

For any questions or additional information about the EIFS Hero Awards program, please contact Laurie Joseph, EIMA’s Senior Director, at (703) 538-1615 or