StrucSoft MWF Professional customers will soon be able to specify and place CEMCO’s cold-formed steel framing products inside Autodesk Revit.

“As the industry moves forward in design and engineering technology, the use of BIM is paramount to generating efficiencies during the entire construction process,” said Steve Farkas, corporate marketing manager for CEMCO. “Beginning with early conceptual designs and all the way up to the project’s interior finishes, BIM allows stakeholders to efficiently evaluate and modify as needed to ensure the most successful result given the constraints of both time and money.”

BIM usage is growing rapidly among commercial walls and ceilings contractors,” said Jim DesLaurier

"Framing contractors are our core clientele, and we understand that contractors need flexibility when choosing framing products, said George Ajami, President of StrucSoft Solutions: “Our goal is to partner with all of the leading component suppliers’ to include their products in MWF, which will facilitate the work done by our clients.”

StrucSoft customers will also be able to specify Marino\Ware’s CFSF products inside Autodesk Revit.

“BIM usage is growing rapidly among commercial walls and ceilings contractors,” said Jim DesLaurier, vice president of marketing for Marino\Ware. “As a leader in the steel framing industry, we want to be sure we’re anticipating our customers’ needs and providing them with the tools they need every day.”

MWF’s “smart placement” capability helps contractors optimize the best framing solution for a given situation, saving time and eliminating material waste while ensuring that they are meeting building codes and BIM compliancy.

These partnerships were announced and launched at this year’s INTEX Expo event in Charlotte.