The Gypsum Association is pleased to announce the release of its newest publication, “Abuse- and Impact-Resistant Gypsum Board.” This four-page brochure explains in plain language how to select one of two specialty gypsum product types designed for high-traffic or high-use areas. It also explains the benefits of using these gypsum products instead of other building products.

The brochure begins by describing the various conditions that might benefit from the use of one of these products and how their use can contribute to a sustainable built environment. It then explains whether it is better to use a product primarily designed for abuse-resistance or impact-resistance in a particular high-use area. That discussion is followed by brief descriptions of the different types of gypsum products available for creating abuse- and impact-resistant surfaces.

The brochure also describes the testing standard, ASTM C1629, Standard Classification for Abuse-Resistant Nondecorated Interior Gypsum Panel Products and Fiber-Reinforced Cement Panels, by which these products are rated. The categories covered by the standard include surface abrasion resistance, indentation resistance, soft body impact resistance, and hard body impact resistance. Products tested in a given category that pass are rated one, two, or three for the particular attribute tested. A rating of one is the lowest passing score, and three is the highest achievable score.

The new publication is now available as a free downloadable PDF on the Association website at It can be found as the first offering on the Complimentary Brochures page, which is at the bottom of the dropdown box that appears after selecting the Publications item from the main menu.