Loudoun Station is a multiple phase development of 46 acres in Ashburn, Va., located along the new Silver Line Metro expansion serving the Dulles International Airport. At full build-out, the finished construction will be 1.5 million square feet of office, retail, hotel and civic use space with up to 1,500 multi-family residential units. Phase I, BLVD | Loudoun Station is a combination of retail and residential buildings consisting of 357 apartment units and 62,000 square feet of floor space.

The contract was awarded to Retana Contractors LLC because of its reputation as a quality work and delivery of on-time projects among its colleagues. The completion of Phase I of Loudoun Station, which began in November 2011 and finished this past August, has the subcontractor in the running for the next two phases—the “Essential Downtown” of Loudoun County.



Retana Contractors is a family-owned contracting company, based in New Market, Va., that specializes in drywall, ceiling systems, steel framing and painting services. The company’s geographic focus includes Virginia, Maryland and the greater Washington metropolitan area. The company’s portfolio includes a wide range of projects that include residential, commercial and military facilities. Its President Mario Retana runs the company with his two brothers: Vice President Juan and Vice President of Construction Julio.

Whether the scope of work includes new construction, renovation, or property management, Retana Contractors treats every project with a pinpoint focus. This level of detail includes thorough worksite surveys, guidance on construction goals, and detailed resource scheduling and management. The subcontractor is committed to providing strong value throughout the life of the project. As a result, Retana Contractors has built successful relationships with its customer base, resulting in repeat business. Creating long-term customer relations benefits RC’s customers, employees, suppliers, and the community in which it works.



For the Loudoun Station project, Retana Contractors was contracted to install steel framing, drywall that included a Level 4 finish, and install CertainTeed Ceilings 2 feet by 2 feet tiles and grid. More than 1.92 million square feet of National Gypsum’s Gold Bond was used for the project. 

The subcontractor has leveraged construction automation solutions, such as On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid, to drive consistency and accuracy into every project. By knowing precisely the quantitative measurements for materials and the cost and labor associated with the project, the contractor is able to deliver a written proposal that from the beginning is detailed, accurate, and competitive. In fact, this knowledge is vital to successful project completions.

A written proposal is more than a cost estimate—it is a comprehensive plan and a commitment to superior service. When evaluating and choosing a contractor to work with, workmanship and service standout as must-have qualities. Each project receives the attention that results in fully satisfied customers including hand-picked crews based upon type of work; products and materials purchased directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best price point; and a focus on staying within both budget and timeline. 

“Software is essential to our business,” says Retana. “Nowadays, no one uses paper, so we use On-Screen Takeoff and QuickBid to give us an edge. 

 “The market is so tight, there is no room for any mistakes,” he says. W&C 


Project Notes

Project Name: BLVD | Loudoun Station, Phase I

Project Completion Date: 2012

Size in Overall Square Footage: 62,000

Project Location: Ashburn, Va.

Key Players: Comstock Contracting and James G. Davis Construction Corporation