HydroFlash Self-Adhered Flashing was developed to deliver strong adhesion and temperature application and effectively meet the needs of installers. The new 15-year warranty supports the combined use of the product with the company’s HydroGap Drainable Housewrap. The flashing was designed with flexibility and ease-of-installation in mind. Using a new adhesive technology, HydroFlash can be installed in cold weather—down to zero degrees Fahrenheit—and applied wet. Made of a block copolymer and featuring a split release liner, HydroFlash self-seals around nails and delivers stronger adhesion and cold weather application to substrates than self-adhered flashings made of butyl or asphalt. No primer is needed for application. Additionally, for greater longevity and performance, the flashing is UV stable for six months and exhibits less than seven percent degradation over 10 years. Available in 4 -, 6 - and 9-inches with a 7 mm thickness, HydroFlash is compatible with a wide range of building materials including OSB, CDX Sheathing, vinyl and other building wraps of similar material.