NovaWrap Building Wrap is a 100 percent synthetic breathable weather-resistant barrier for residential and commercial applications. It allows vapor and condensation to escape from wall cavities while protecting against air and moisture infiltration. The building wrap line, including NovaWrap ASPIRE Premium Building Wrap and NovaWrap GP Building Wrap, prevents mold and moisture damage and contributes to reduced energy costs. Building science experts recognize the permeance, or perm rating, of the wrap, which indicate the diffusion of water vapor through the material through micro-perforations, to be optimum for the industry. The product is a non-woven polypropylene one-side coated fabric. It does not absorb or retain water. It exhibits excellent liquid holdout, as well as superior durability and tear resistance. It is compatible with nearly every type of sheathing, including plywood, OSB, gypsum, and rigid foam. It also installs easily under brick, stone, EIFS, fiber cement board, wood, vinyl, metal and composites. It meets of exceeds applicable building codes for WRBs and complies with the new IECC energy codes as an energy barrier.