Providing a high-performance layer of moisture and air protection is critical in new construction or renovation projects, and the specific qualities needed vary greatly with each unique application. Kingspan offers a complete approach to moisture management with its combination of the right building wrap, flashing and tape to help keep water out of the wall system, provide an air barrier, and even allow moisture vapor to escape. The GreenGuard Building Wrap family now includes a new product GreenGuard RainArmor Building Wrap and an enhanced GreenGuard HPW Building Wrap.

Kingspan GreenGuard RainArmor Building Wrap is a non-woven drainage building wrap approved for residential and commercial buildings. It prevents the penetration of water and channels water away from structures while providing a breathable barrier technology that will help protect the building and allow water vapor to escape. The tough barrier layer can be maintained over time, from installation to extended use, due to excellent resistance to tears, abrasion and punctures.

Kingspan GreenGuard HPW Building Wrap is a non-woven building wrap with a breathable polyolefin coating that performs as both a water-resistive barrier and as an air barrier in accordance with the International Building, Residential and Energy Codes. It serves as an excellent secondary weather barrier that helps deflect water and wind-driven rain, yet it is breathable enough to allow trapped moisture vapor to escape, helping walls dry faster.

“We are committed to offering our customers a full range of building wraps and drainage mats for moisture and air management,” said Ming Xie, director of business development, Kingspan Insulation North America. “These new products provide builders with more options and make it even easier to find the right solution for any project. All backed by industry leading residential and commercial product and system warranties.”

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