Key to the success of the saw is its “quick change” fastening system that accepts all reciprocating and hacksaw blades—from specialty blades to wood, metal and demolition blades—enabling the user to cut most construction materials including conduit, wood, PVC or drywall. This versatile, timesaving feature lets a busy electrician move from one task to the next without delay or requiring the purchase of additional saws. Ergonomic engineering is company focus, one that is built into every feature of the Electricians Jab Saw. Starting with the Santoprene grip that cushions the user’s hand from vibration stress, the saw takes comfort to a new level. The contoured head provides the thumb and index finger with excellent slip resistant protection, while the head’s forward weight design concentrates energy on the cutting zone. The tool (Cat. No. 35-275) comes complete with a bi-metal plunge tip wallboard blade that offers an optimum balance of speed and cleanliness of cut. The plunged tip design effortlessly punches through thick drywall and cement board, and features bi-metal construction for a longer service life.