With the introduction of two stain solutions from Sherwin Williams, OEMs and other wood finishers who need to reduce or eliminate emissions in their finishing operations no longer have to compromise application and appearance expectations. The Sher-Wood WB-S spray stain and Sher-Wood WB-W wiping stain are formulated with raw materials that are reported to contain no VOCs, and have theoretical emitted (calculated) VOCs of 0.0 pound/gal and 0.02 pound/gal respectively. The stain solutions provide attractive alternatives for wood finishers in markets such as kitchen cabinets, furniture and wood building products who must meet strict VOC requirements or who wish to reduce VOCs in their wood finishing operations with no loss of product performance.

Both stains are available in a wide variety of colors and work well with most topcoats. Sher-Wood WB-S is a water-based spray stain that offers a uniform appearance with minimal to no grain raise and quality touch-up characteristics. The system also minimizes color variance when using solid wood and veneer on the same part. Sher-Wood WB-W is a water-based wiping stain that provides excellent clarity and a uniform appearance with minimal to no grain raise. Water clean-up for this low-odor stain is fast and easy.