The Certified Steel Stud Association announced today that all members have achieved CSSA Code Compliance Certification. The CSSA worked closely with the ICC Evaluation Service to develop an industry leading code compliance program, and ICC-ES is the administrator of the CSSA Code Compliance Program.

Starting immediately, all certified facilities will be placing the CSSA/ICC-ES Certification label on all ViperStud and Structural Stud and Track. A public list of certified facilities is maintained on A list of certified facilities is also maintained in ICC-ES ESR-2620 and ESR-3016. Please refer to the CSSA Code Compliance Certification Supplement in ESR-2620 (p.8-9) and ESR-3016 (p. 24-25) for more information.

“By partnering with ICC-ES and giving ICC-ES complete control over code compliance certification, the CSSA is leading the way with the most widely recognized and industry leading code evaluation agency. The CSSA looks forward to continuing to promote 3rd party code compliance verification for the industry,” said CSSA Chairman Chip Gardner.

The sole purpose of CSSA is to enroll distributor-friendly manufacturer members into the certification program managed by ICC-ES; a subsidiary of the International Code Council, which develops the International Building Code. ICC-ES is an ANSI accredited listing agency fully complying with section 1703 of the IBC.