Armstrong Ceiling Systems has collaborated with the non-profit NXT Health organization to create Patient Room 2020, a prototype of a next generation inpatient care environment that is now on display at the DuPont Corian Design Studio in New York City.

A key component of the 400-square-foot prototype, which strives to improve patient experiences and optimize caregiver performance, is the “Patient Ribbon,” an overhead structure that gathers many of the elements commonly found in hospital rooms into a single, streamlined, patient-centered design.

The ceiling of the “ribbon,” which extends headwall to footwall over the patient bed, was custom designed using an Armstrong ceiling system, including Optima Health Zone acoustical ceiling panels, Axiom Perimeter trim, and a Prelude suspension system.

In a health care setting, where acoustics and cleanability are essential, fine-textured Optima ceiling panels provide excellent sound absorption and a durable, light-reflective finish that is washable, scrubbable, and safe for use with disinfectants. The Axiom trim helps form a 6-inch ceiling perimeter, seamlessly integrating an HVAC diffuser, lighting, and sprinklers.

“Optima ceiling panels, combined with Axiom trim, create a smooth, uncluttered visual,” said Armstrong Ceiling Systems Senior Designer Todd Bergman, who worked on the ceiling design with the Patient Room 2020 design team. “The fusion of these two Armstrong products allowed us to create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior, which can positively impact patient recovery.”

Armstrong was one of 35 industry partners that contributed products and services to the creation of Patient Room 2020.