Marek, a diversified family of specialty construction companies, marked the 75th anniversary of the company’s humble beginnings and renewed their commitment to helping shape the industry for the future.

Three Marek brothers started the company 75 years ago on a foundation of outstanding ethics and values, workforce development, and a commitment to safety and quality work for their customers. Innovation, diversification and financial strength based on those values continue to make Marek one of the most respected and successful specialty contracting companies.

Ralph Marek, the last living founder of the company said that, “We played an important role in the construction of significant buildings in the major cities of Texas for the last 75 years. We have been extremely honored to work with some outstanding clients, partners, and people. Our skilled craftsmen and women have always been part of the Marek family and they have made us the company that we are today.”

“We are thankful for our history and excited about the future of the industry,” said CEO Stan Marek. “We are committed to creating a sustainable workforce, contributing to the communities where we work, partnering with the best companies, innovating the ways that we deliver our services, and expanding the portfolio of services we bring to the market.”

The Marek family entered the fledgling drywall industry and almost immediately changed it with the way they purchased, delivered and installed drywall in the market. Through its strong industry relationships and partnerships, Marek has since diversified its portfolio to include ceilings, acoustical treatment, fabric panels, flooring, paint, shades and daylighting solutions as well as turn-key remodeling, maintenance and improvement services in major markets spanning Texas, Oklahoma and Georgia. Marek's industry leadership includes technology innovation with BIM to deliver faster, safer, and more efficient projects with general contractors, architects, and owners.

Marek continues to shape the industry and its organizations by supporting private sector solutions to industry challenges through initiatives like the Construction Career Collaborative (C3), which is directed at positively impacting the way that the craft workforce is recruited, trained and retained to insure a sustainable resource for the future. Marek leaders continue to hold major roles in industry organizations where they strive to instill their ethics and values into a broader range of the construction industry.