Rockfon recently contributed to the renovation of Habitat for Humanity’s Halton regional office located in Burlington, Ontario. The nonprofit organization approached Rockfon for product assistance when it expanded its facility to accommodate for recent growth. Rockfon responded with a donation of 4,000 square feet of high-quality Artic stone wool ceiling tiles.

Rockfon provided 2’ x 4’ Artic ceiling tiles with a square lay-in edge and a smooth, white surface to help elevate the aesthetic appeal of the renovated facility. With stone wool properties, Artic tiles feature high fire performance and excellent resistance to water and humidity for greater stability over time. Artic tiles also help to enhance speech intelligibility and acoustic comfort through a sound absorption of NRC 0.75.

“Rockfon’s donation of materials has contributed significantly to our goal of building homes and hope within the Halton region,” said Gord Robb of Habitat for Humanity Halton’s Board of Directors. “Thanks to partners such as Rockfon and its sister company, Roxul, we are able to continue our focus on providing affordable housing to the families-in-need in our community.”

Habitat for Humanity Halton relies on the support of community volunteers and businesses to provide affordable housing solutions for low-income families. The organization also operates a ReStore outlet at its office location that sells like-new home products and building materials at reduced prices. These products are donated by contractors, demolition crews, service and retail companies, and the general public to help raise funds to support the programs of Habitat for Humanity Halton.

The Halton ReStore is currently considered one of the top three Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Canada. Due to its success and popularity, the organization opted to revamp its existing industrial facility to allocate more space to ReStore products and services with the goal of building 75 homes throughout the Halton Region over the next five years. The new expansion now includes a larger a retail space and office area.

“It is great to see Habitat for Humanity Halton experiencing such great success and growth in serving the region, and Rockfon was happy to assist with the renovation project,” said Chris Marshall, sales director, Rockfon North America. “We selected Rockfon’s Artic ceiling tiles for the space to help bring a beautiful aesthetic look and, most important, to deliver great acoustic performance. With Rockfon’s Artic ceiling tiles, the team of volunteers will experience a more comfortable working environment with improved acoustics and better light distribution with the elimination of both hot spots and glares. It was the ideal choice for the facility.”