Track-Safe is a deep-leg track firestop steel angle for dynamic head-of-wall joint fire and smoke protection in all commercial buildings. This saves up to 50-percent of installation labor versus other firestop methods, because it is approved for installation on just one side of the wall assembly. It is provided in 10-foot length of galvanized steel with 90-degree angle dimensions of 3/4 inch by 1½ inches and a red coating making it easily identifiable for inspection.

An intumescing strip located on the interior edge prevents flame, smoke and hot gas transfer through the wall assembly.  Track-Safe is tested in compliance with UL-2079 standard “Testing for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems” and with more than 20 UL-listed systems. Its installation requires no mechanical fasteners or anchors. Prior to drywall installation, it is friction-fit into the void between the deep leg track and a fluted pan or slab concrete deck by light tapping.