Contributing to easier, faster and very durable drywall installations, 18 new Optimus and EasyFlex PRO profiles and accessories from CertainTeed are now available for corner and archway applications. Featuring best-in-class structural laminate drywall corner technology with a high-strength, tapered co-polymer core, each Optimus corner stick profile and EasyFlex PRO flexible rolls create extra tough edges that withstand severe impacts, seismic movements, peeling, cracking and settling. Applied with regular joint compounds without the need for sprays, staples or glues, each product easily becomes part of the structure, resulting in exceptionally precise corners and archways along with lower total installed costs. 

“We are excited to offer this superior building product technology nationwide through our new Optimus and EasyFlex PRO corner beads, making it easy for finishers and remodeling professionals to beautifully complete perfect interiors on time and on budget,” said Dave Engelhardt, president of CertainTeed Gypsum. “The unique structural laminate composition also ensures optimal durability combined with straighter, truer corners, which equates to more satisfied property owners and fewer callbacks.”

The new offering includes three Optimus stick profiles, which feature a surface paper that is ideal for applying paint and textures. Each corner product results in a perfect, self-forming, ridgeless angle that will not separate from the wall, blister, crack or dent. Optimus sticks also withstand significant shifting due to lumber drying, settling, humidity and temperature differences. 

The Optimus sticks include Outside 90, 3/8-inch Bullnose and L-Trim and Archway profiles, all available in a range of lengths. The Outside 90 profile has a specially engineered nose profile that makes the boxing of the bead easier and faster. The 3/8-inch Bullnose small radius corners create a softening effect to the look of the room without overstating  the curved effect, especially sought for custom homes. The L-Trim profiles bridge large gaps and require no masking, allowing for a quick and clean finishing of exposed drywall edges and reveals for a perfect edge. Lastly, the Archway profile conforms to the radius to create a perfectly smooth and rounded corner without the need for glues or staples.

Also offered are two EasyFlex PRO flexible rolls ideal for inside or outside angles of any length, staying straight and holding the desired angle due to a memory-free hinge. The product will not split or dent and adjusts to any inside or outside angle, eliminating pre-creasing, pre-measuring and instant application with lower total installed cost. In addition, its specially formulated surface paper accepts any finish and resists abrasion. The 100-foot rolls are available in 3-1/8-inch and 4-1/4-inch widths. 

Rounding out the new finishing product line are three professional quality tools and accessories made from stainless steel components. They include a double barrel hopper, Outside 90 degree roller and bullnose roller.  The double barrel hopper is designed to accommodate all angles without the need for tools eliminating time-consuming changeovers. The rollers can be used on all the AquaBead, Optimus and EasyFlex PRO profiles to firmly and accurately press corners into place, creating an absolute bond to the drywall for flawless results. 

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