The wait is over. After years of research and development, Rust-Oleum has introduced a primer and sealer made with synthetic shellac that mirrors the same properties as traditional shellac. Utilizing a first-of-its-kind synthetic shellac, BIN Advanced boasts ultimate stain blocking and superior odor sealing, with excellent adhesion and high hiding features. 

BIN Advanced is the ultimate stain blocker with a high hiding bright white finish. It also has exceptional odor blocking sealing everything from pesky pet odors to soot and lingering smoke damage from fire. Sealing and hiding everything from water and rust stains to graffiti, dark paint colors, crayon, lipstick and grease, BIN Advanced provides a more brilliant top coat color due to the product’s superior hide and hold out.

“Since its introduction nearly 70 years ago, BIN has ‘stood the test of time’ proving itself year-after-year as an industry standard,” said Fiona Seal, a brand manager for Rust-Oleum. “BIN Advanced boasts the same features and performance as traditional BIN but in a water-based low odor formula. We are confident that BIN Advanced will become another trusted problem-solver to tackle any interior paint or fire restoration project that requires superior stain-killing and odor blocking.”

BIN Advanced has excellent adhesion and sticks to slick surfaces such as Formica, tile, glossy paints and varnishes. It is dry to the touch in as little as 25 minutes, and can be top coated after 45 minutes. For more information about Zinsser BIN Advanced visit