Extrutech FORM System brings a bright new face to concrete form construction by combining standard concrete form methods with the easy-to-clean, sanitary surface that Extrutech panels have always provided. This versatile, builder-friendly system features a 2-foot wide, 6-inch thick precut panel that snaps together and locks in place using a double-spline E-Locking System.

Creates a structural wall system that is a time-saver for both contractor and client, resulting in a bright white, sanitary, easy-to-clean finished wall.

Recommended uses:
For any area that requires easy-to-clean concrete structural walls, such as:
• Dairy Barns
• Milking Parlors
• Car Washes
• Cheese Plants
• Food Processing
• Clean Rooms
• Bottling Plants
• Cold Storage
• Laboratories

• Quick installation
• Never needs paint
• Fewer Seams – 2ft wide panels
• Custom cut panel kits to 20'
• Snap together double spline,E-Locking System
• Standard rebar reinforcing methods apply
• Water and corrosion-proof
• Cleans easily - low maintenance
• Panels will not rust, rot, or ?ake
• Resists mold, mildew, bacteria growth
• Brightens the interior of any building
• Available in a bright white, high gloss, hard surface
• Low maintenance, easy-to-clean, with water/mild cleaner
• Protective ?lm on both sides keeps panels clean during construction

Extrutech Plastics is continually working to develop new building products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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