Simpson Strong-Tie has just released the Joist Hanger Selector web app. Now, customers can quickly and easily select the most appropriate and cost-effective hanger for their projects based on the type of installation, type and size of lumber and loads.

The easy-to-use interface enables users to quickly select the members and configuration for their desired connection, and print the results. The app is accessible from any web browser and doesn’t require downloading or installing special software.

Simpson Strong-Tie developed the web app after receiving feedback from engineers who appreciated the functionality of its Connector Selector software, but asked for an easily accessible, web-based version. The new web app offers intuitive input fields and several other features, including:

  • All capacity reductions associated with modifications for allowable load are automatically calculated
  • Users can select several criteria to narrow down the selection, such as member details and fastener type
  • Automatic filtering to remove connectors that don’t meet the user’s load requirements
  • Accurate product nomenclature is included in results to make the ordering process easier
  • Help icons to guide users through the app

To use the Joist Hanger Selector app, visit