ClarkDietrich Building Systems recently announced that the newest version of its ClarkDietrich Wall Type Creator Revit add-in is now available for free download at the Autodesk Exchange store. Wall Type Creator gives architects the ability to seamlessly integrate information-rich wall types that includes detailed data on wall elements and design properties directly into their BIM models.

Initially launched in 2011, the latest version of Wall Type Creator features a complete redesign using the ClarkDietrich interface system, allowing users to see all system results and filter information by design, assembly, fire rating or STC sound rating. Wall Type Creator also includes more than 75 sound tests and STC simulated tones to help reference frequency differences between various STC ratings.   

“With the amount of information integrated into the system, Wall Type Creator is unlike any other BIM add-in system on the market today,” said Mike Murzyn, Technical Product and Marketing Manager at ClarkDietrich Building Systems. “This new version of Wall Type Creator marks an important step in providing architectural teams with the most advanced tool for selecting over 500 wall configurations and laying out cold-formed steel wall types in Revit.”

The system’s intuitive design and data integration allows professionals to search and update entire wall designs based on specific input parameters. The wall type is created to reflect the proper assembly of materials necessary for wall construction, including: manufacturer and product information, types of sheathing, overall wall width, UL and STC data, wall height design, LEED information and product SubmittalPro data sheet links.

Wall Type Creator can be found under the Architectural Tools section of the Autodesk Revit Exchange Apps store. The Autodesk Exchange Apps store is a portal to the Autodesk software ecosystem, providing access to add-ins that allow designers to find and immediately download solutions to some of their more pressing design challenges.

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