As the 2014 Generation Kingspan Student Architectural Contest (GenK) enters its final month, there is still an opportunity to sign up. Entrants will have their project judged by industry experts and the architectural community via online and social media voting. Submitted entries will be eligible to win a share of cash and prizes totaling $20,000 in value. Registration is open until the end of the day, November 4th. Submitted entries can be updated without penalty up until the November 4th deadline.

Students who submit entries prior to October 3rd will be entered into a drawing for a free ArcKit 120.

The GenK competition is open to students internationally who are currently enrolled in an architecture program offering a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. The competition provides a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and architecture knowledge, while developing a valuable project for their personal portfolios. In addition, student projects will be evaluated not only by contest judges, but also by a community of professionals and industry experts participating in the contest as voters.

Participation as a voter is free and open to the public. The voter participant registration process has been simplified into one easy step. This year, GenK has selected an exclusive panel of judges. All of whom hold high reputations as leaders in the field of architecture.

The contest encourages faculty participation. Architectural faculty sponsors can be designated during project submittal. Professors sponsoring winning projects will win cash prizes of $1,000!

This competition is focusing on design with the use of Kingspan’s Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), taking into account location (urban, downtown, historical), climate (sun, wind, light and water), as well as culture (patterns of interaction). Through the emphasis on Kingspan products, students will design a multi-complex with commercial, residential, and community or recreational space.

There is still time for students to sign up and submit their projects for consideration. For more information, visit the Generation Kingspan site.