Coil Nailer


The SNC63LDXP 15-degree, 23⁄8-inch to 2½-inch coil nailer is a highly specialized fastening system designed to only install continuous structural foam insulation panels. The driver blade on the tool extends about 1-inch beyond the safety element in order to drive the nail through the foam and directly into the OSB backer and ultimately, securely fastening into the framing members. A safety foot guide on the fastener ensures proper alignment and a large diameter base helps reduce damage to the foam surface when fasteners are driven. For more information, visit


Heavy-duty Sprayer

Benron Equipment & Supply Inc.

The new R5 features a 32-gallon hopper with a 1L3 Rotor-Stator pump. The machine will spray wall texture finishes, Monokote Mk 6 products, Cafco 300 and other fireproofing materials. The hopper features a removable 115/240 volt, 60/50 HZ variable speed control box with forward and reverse settings. For more information, visit


Thermal Camera

Seek Thermal

The company helps contractors and others harness the full potential of thermal imaging with the Seek Thermal camera, a pocket-size device that plugs into smartphones. The camera allows users to literally see heat, making it possible to expose energy loss and water leaks, clogs in pipes, and a myriad of other hidden problems around the house. The tool is available for both iOS and Android devices. Its technology enables hundreds of new use cases for thermal and gives consumers the capabilities that only professionals used to have. For more information, visit


Stucco Wall Systems

BASF Wall Systems

Platinum continuous insulation systems are exterior wall claddings featuring platinum Neopor advanced insulation technology. Neopor is a patented rigid insulation board with graphite embedded into the polymer matrix. Graphite reflects infrared energy, thus decreasing the material’s thermal conductivity and increasing its R-value. It also exceeds many ASTM C578 Type II requirements including density, flexural and compressive strength. The wall systems utilize a specially selected, high density (1.45 pcf) Neopor board to optimize thermal performance and improve impact resistance. The boards are available in R-5, R-7.5 and R-10 thermal resistance for ease of design and to ensure energy code compliance. For additional information, visit


Curved Drywall

Roundy Curved Plasterboard

The Roundy product is a curved drywall panel for walls and ceilings and can be curved down to a radius of 150 mm. Where there is an outside curve (convex), the adjoining wall on the other side can still be at a 90 degree angle (i.e., to accommodate a bath or shower).

The curves are manufactured to the architect’s design and radius so there is less waste.

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