Tools for 3-D BIM-Driven Projects


VisionREZ 2016 is designed specifically for the Revit platform and is based on the VisionREZ products for AutoCAD Architecture. Three individual modules (Architecture, Structure and Options Management) encompass the release. Enhancements to the Architecture module give design professionals the ability to manually create complicated roof planes using a combination of walls, beams and model lines. An automated tool set creates fascia, freezes and soffits directly from a roof style. The Structure module now offers the ability to create horizontal floor framing layouts and support for solid sawn joists, EWP and floor trusses. The Options Management module is a new plug-in to the VisionREZ tool sets for Revit. A Workspace Grid creates complete visualization of all option geometry and combinations, including structural options. Visit for more information.


Fall Clearance App


Optimize safety when working at heights with the new Miller Fall Clearance App from Honeywell for Apple or Android mobile devices. Use the app to generate real-time critical fall clearance and swing fall calculations for self-retracting lifelines and shock-absorbing lanyards. The app includes multilingual support in English, Spanish and French with metric conversion—and even allows you to email the results. Optimized for use on Smartphones and tablets, get the app from Honeywell on Google Play at or download on iTunes at


Stainless Steel Drywall Knives

Kraft Tool Co.

The company offers a full line of stainless steel drywall joint and putty knives, including its latest 10-inch size knife. Each features a non-rust stainless steel blade and handle with one-piece construction. The knives are ideal for scraping, paint preparation and drywall finishing. The tools come in six popular sizes available from 1½- to 10-inch. Limber blade option is offered on knives 4 inches and wider. The contoured handle is comfortable and easy-to-grip, a finisher’s favorite. For more information, visit


Reveal Cornerbead


Add the company’s Reveal Cornerbead to 90-degree outside corners to create a beautiful reveal detail. The beads create the look of drywall layers without needing to install a second sheet of drywall. The next time contractors want to add a simple and modern room accent, these cornerbeads should be a consideration. For more information, visit