Assorted Plasters

National Gypsum Co.

Plastering creates monolithic walls that are smooth and durable. They resist nail pops, cracking, impact and abrasion. This art form provides exceptional beauty you can’t get from standard gypsum products. Veneer plastering systems allow plaster quality with traditional gypsum board applications. And with applications for steel, wood and even masonry, veneer plaster is versatile. The company offers a full line of veneer and conventional plaster products from molding and basecoat to finishing. For more information, visit


Venetian Plaster

Sepp Leaf

Kolcaustico Venetian Plaster is an elegant, tintable wall finishing material that offers unlimited opportunities to create distinctly different surfaces. Mixols are the preferred universal tints for Kolcaustico; their vast color assortment and high pigment concentration make them ideal for this thick venetian plaster. It is easily applied and worked with a blade to form a super-smooth and high-gloss finish. A fine coat of Liberon paste wax is often applied after the Kolcaustico has been burnished. Mica powders or earth pigments can be added in this step to create dynamic results. Kolcaustico provides creative possibilities for both traditional and contemporary settings. For more information, visit


Veneer Finish Plaster


The company’s Norfolk Special Veneer Finish plaster delivers versatile finishing characteristics, creating a beautiful, white monolithic finish. Similar in appearance to Imperial Finish Plasters, but at a lower strength, the Norfolk Special Veneer Finish:

  • Offers smooth or textured veneer plaster finishes.
  • May be left undecorated when skip-troweled, floated or applied with other texture techniques.
  • Dries in as little as 24 hours under normal environmental conditions.
  • Is generally ready for next-day decoration with a latex-base breather type paint (PVA paints are not recommended).

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High-performance Acrylic Plaster

Vella Venetian Plaster

The Vella Fino product is a high performance acrylic plaster that is crack and water resistant. It may be used as a decorative finish for interior and exterior projects. This acrylic plaster can create a variety of finishes from an ultra smooth, to a Santa Barbara, to a rustic Old World look. It may also be used with VellaStain to add natural color variation. The product requires a two coat application with a stainless steel plaster trowel. The plaster may be applied over interior drywall, plaster or properly prepared concrete. For exterior application, it may be applied over EIFS, properly prepared masonry, stucco and concrete surfaces. Visit for more information.


Specialty Plaster Trowel

Demand Products

The company stocks a full complement of trowels for every application. The Pavan INOX Venetian Plastering Trowel is ideal for achieving the highly polished burnished Venetian look.

The INOX stainless steel blades feature rounded corners and polished radius edges. This ensures consistent finishes with less effort for all Italian plaster products including Venetian, Marmorino, Grassello, Stucco Veneziano, veneer and other decorative plasters. For more information, visit