Cheetah Learning, a PMI Registered Education Provider of Project Management training, has announced that the company will be celebrating the transition into Spring and the beginning of Daylight Saving Time by offering a deeply discounted rate on one of their most popular and highly-rated online courses, Cheetah Action Project (CHAP). From March 7 to 13, 2016, students can register for the 60-PDU online CHAP course for just $1,200—a 50 percent discount from its list price of $2,400.

Designed around the Project Management Process Groups described in the ANSI Project Management Body of Knowledge, CHAP brings together theory and practice by leading students through the planning and execution of a project of their choosing. The program has been recognized by many professionals in the project management field as an excellent training program with real-life applicability.

One alumnus of the program found that CHAP helped him connect project management principles to his career. “I really think that the course outline and assignments are well thought out and quite relevant to, at least, what I do in my daily work,” he said. “Templates are easily managed and customized. I recommend Cheetah Action Project to all PM professionals.”

According to Michelle LaBrosse, CEO and founder of Cheetah Learning, the CHAP course is a tool that allows project managers to identify those projects and goals best aligned with their innate strengths, and provides them with a clear process for completing these projects. “It is much easier to achieve any goal you set when you make it your priority to use your innate strengths the best way for you,” LaBrosse said.

“But just making it your priority to use your innate strengths the best way for you is only the first step. The next step is making it your priority to go after those goals that really matter to what is most important to you.”

Cheetah Learning aims to help project managers successfully transition into Spring by making this popular course accessible to a wider range of students. LaBrosse finds the CHAP course to be an ideal tool to help project managers gain momentum with their projects by identifying and pursuing goals best aligned with their unique talents.

To learn more about Cheetah Action Project and Cheetah’s other Project Management course offerings, contact the company at (888) 659-2013 or