Jeff Geary, along with his brother, Cyd Geary, continuously work hard to create a safe and healthy workplace that specializes in drywall, metal studs, cold-formed framing, roof trusses, load bearing framing, acoustic ceilings, acoustic wall panels, stucco, EIFS and acoustic plaster at King Company, which was founded by Clifford King in 1932 and became a Limited Partnership in 2000.

The Geary brothers’ father started working for King after he finished serving as a Marine aviator in World War II, where he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses. In 1954, he purchased the company from King and worked until he retired in 1995. Cyd Geary started with King Co. in 1975 and Jeff Geary in 1982.

Burn the Midnight Oil  

With companies located originally in New Orleans and now also in Houston, King Co. is remaining cautiously optimistic of this year’s work outlook, despite the continued slip of oil prices.

In handling hard times or recessions, the company continues to maintain a strong financial position by taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. Because of this, when times are not great, the company can prosper while others may not.

Jeff Geary says, “Both Louisiana and Texas are very dependent on oil and gas, which are obviously way down. However, health care and hospitality seem to be strong in both markets.”

King Co.’s long-term goals are to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities when they arise and to continue to build on the 80-plus years of stability, integrity and dependability that have been the hallmark of the company.

“Our greatest achievement as a company is our ability to perform no matter how daunting the task,” says Geary.

Commitment to Greatness

One of the main projects King Co. has worked on was the renovation of the New Orleans Superdome after Hurricane Katrina struck the city. King Co. performed the majority of the drywall and acoustic work on a tight schedule. 

“Attending the first home game after its completion against the Atlanta Falcons was very emotional,” Geary says.

King Co. has a great relationship with National Gypsum and frequently uses the company’s products.

With many employees starting and ending their careers with King Co., the company feels as if the employees are what sets the company apart from the competition with creates longevity and stability.

The company’s main distributors include but are not limited to, Interior Exterior Supply Co., Acoustical Supply, and L&W Supply.

  King Co. strives to maintain the commitment level and expertise that will last well into the future. They have branded themselves on having a reputation of timely performance and professionalism even during the hardest of projects.