Mold Inspection Houston, a mold inspection company specializing in homes, apartments and commercial buildings throughout the greater Houston area, has been awarded with the prestigious 2015 Angie's List Super Service Award.
Super Service Award winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an "A" grade overall rating, recent grade and review period grade from the popular Angie's List consumer review resource. In order to earn it, the company must also be in good standing with Angie's List, pass a background check and abide by Angie's List operational guidelines. According to Angie's List founder Angie Hicks, only about 5 percent of the service companies in the Houston area perform well enough to be considered for the Super Service Award - an accomplishment that helps Mold Inspection Houston establish itself as one of the best of the best.
"We're honored to receive this award," says Christopher Felan, Mold Inspection Houston founder and CEO. "We've always taken pride in handling every job with excellence, and it's a huge testament to our staff of qualified, credible mold inspectors that we've been honored with such a notable award."
It's estimated that as many as 1.5 million mold species exist, yet only about 100,000 have been identified. Outside of the home, mold plays an impactful role in any ecosystem. However, when mold grows inside the home, it's the opposite. Not only can mold growth lead to property and structural damage, but it can also result in harmful health consequences for home occupants, with symptoms ranging from things such as intense allergic reactions to watering eyes to nasal congestion and even respiratory issues. 
In order to facilitate mold growth, there needs to be moisture and humidity. Some popular areas where mold is likely to flourish include basement crawl spaces, underneath and around sinks, toilets and bathtubs, inside wall cavities where a leaking pipe exists and in areas that may have experienced recent water damage.
"Mold inspection Houston is really all about helping a household or commercial facility identify whether or not they have a potentially harmful issue on their hands, not just when it comes to property damage, but health issues as well," continues Felan. "Our sampling and testing will identify what molds, if any, a facility has present. We either confirm that there's a mold issue on hand or deliver the peace of mind that a facility has nothing to worry about when it comes to mold."
While testing can help confirm a mold infestation, some warning signs that homeowners and business managers should be on the lookout for include unusual stains or growths, musky smells, unexplained illnesses, increased allergic reactions, recent water damage/intrusion or the discovery of leaky pipes. When it comes to mold remediation, most materials giving way to mold growth need to be removed and replaced to get rid of the infestation.
"Our business is all about helping people," Felan shares. "People come to us all the time saying that they don't feel good and they have no explanation as to why. They say they come to us because their doctor recommended having their air quality tested by a Houston Mold Inspector. Then once we tell them that it's mold growth that likely has them feeling that way, they're so relieved. They're disappointed, because nobody wants mold growth in their home or office. But at the same time, they're relieved to finally get an answer for why they feel the way they've been feeling."
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