Barracuda Brackets LLC, an American plumbing manufacturer that specializes in products that protects against mold, announces their new cartoon ad campaign to educate the general public of the dangers of mold. The setting is "Extinction Land" with our dinosaur friends. 
Millions of Americans suffer from allergies including mold and there is likely mold in every bathroom. The premise is that in your bathroom "open slot toilet flanges" are currently still being used. These common plumbing parts have been shown to allow water through rotting floors and feeding dangerous mold. There is new technology that protects the floor from mold and this old style flange should be relegated to extinction.
The cartoons will lampoon famous scientists, Obama Care, and will even make a trip to the Housewives of Jurassic County in a way to educate the public in an entertaining way about preventable mold sickness.
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