Acoustic panel brand Snowsound introduces seven new products that redefine the category, meeting the growing demand for acoustic comfort. 
"Snowsound's patented sound-absorption technology optimizes room acoustics, but these new shapes and applications go beyond existing solutions. Added installation options provide elegant, functional configurations that designers and architects will embrace," explains Michael Dardashti, Snowsound director of business development for North America. 
Panels are covered with durable, high quality polyester firmly bonded to the inner core to form a thin, lightweight single unit. Snowsound panels meet UL flame spread and smoke development standards, are GreenGuard Gold certified, and are 100 percent recyclable, producing durable, long lasting, and environmentally sustainable solutions. 
Blade is a modular shelving display coupled with acoustic back panels delivering maximum absorption for any room. The system is designed to acoustically correct room interiors blending into the environment. Slim, bent metal shelves dress the panels and invisibly anchor them to the walls for a minimalistic look. 
Three new acoustic products address the need for sound-absorbing desk solutions providing workspace privacy. The Corner system features ultra-thin 35-mm panels coupled with mounting hardware that seamlessly connects to the panel's corners. The Snowfront mounting system provides a lower height profile with similar features. Both systems are available in 24-inch high by 24-inch, 48-inch and 63-inch wide panels. Oversize Desk panels are 48-inches high, providing the ultimate in sound absorption and privacy.
Sipario is a Snowsound-fiber wall mounted structure that is attached to walls to reduce environmental noise. Sound energy dissipates into the air spaces generated by the high-density textile layers. The modular, lightweight structures present an architectural flair in a myriad of geometric patterns and profile elevations.
Cubby is a comfortable phone booth composed of sound-absorbing panels covered in an external polyester fabric, which can be easily cleaned. An independent load-bearing angled shelf helps callers jot down notes, while soft side-panels move freely if bumped.
The combination of these unique features, ease of use, installation convenience, and application versatility is why architects and interior designers prefer Snowsound.
Blade, Corner, Snowfront, Oversize Desk, Oversize,Sipario, and Cubby are available in a variety of colors. Shipping now, prices start at $400.