This program, titled the Quarterly Project Awards Program, will demonstrate the wide range of benefits exterior insulation and finish systems offers.

This quarter, the program’s inaugural quarter, the focus of the project is squarely on the recently completed School of Fine Arts Building at New Mexico State University; a project completed with a Parex USA EIFS system by L&P Supply. The architectural design and vibrant colors are the perfect example of the fine art that Parex created for the university.

The project was completed in February of 2013 and it’s the first WaterMaster (EIFS with Drainage) assembly project on the New Mexico State University campus. Of course, the project was not without some obstacles, but because of the advantages of EIFS, Parex overcame each. The hurdles included the bending of the 3 inch and 6 inch thick foam pop outs over the rigid insulation, and sloping at the top of these pop outs, making sure they were both visually pleasing while being functional. Parex also had to address the challenges of crisp color transitions that were achieved with a colorful array of Parex 535 Sand Course Finishes.

The building will stand as one of the main entrances to the campus on University Boulevard and will provide the students a progressive, state-of-the- art and energy efficient facility for their continuing education in the fine arts.