I believe everyone would agree that access to plumbing, electrical, mechanical and other “hidden” requirements of a 21st Century construction project are a necessity. And, as there are inherent limits to where this access can be found, the ceiling is often the most obvious choice. To this point, there is very little debate.

What is not quite so obvious relative to these numerous ubiquitous necessities, is the age old building construction argument of form vs. function. Do we compromise aesthetics for performance, or performance at the expense of appearance? Well, with glass fiber reinforced gypsum Access Panels, one is never forced to concede one for the other, as both are built into each and every panel.

I am often shocked when I walk into the lobby (or ballroom) of a high-end hotel. As I wait to check in, my eyes generally wander and far too often they are drawn to a litany of ugly metal access panels staring at me from the ceiling. This experience is far too often followed by that of walking through the door to my well-appointed room, only to be blown away by an ugly rusted access panel when I first enter the bathroom. This eye-sore is contrasted with marble tops, state-of-the-art shower head and very attractive ceramic tile.

It’s equally disconcerting to enter a beautiful home, lavishly furnished, with every room screaming class and distinction, only to look up at a hallway ceiling to see an all too typical residential wood framed, plywood pop-up in the middle of it.

Say Goodbye to Ugly Access Panels

There is a proven, cost-effective and attractive option, crafted of GFRG.Installed on projects throughout the world by a single trade and at a significant reduction in labor, they have several fantastic features, engineered, designed and manufactured into each and every one of them. The frames come with tapered edges to blend seamlessly into one’s surrounding drywall. The doors (and frames), are lightweight, paint ready and very easily textured, and there is absolutely no shrinking or cracking.

Either pop-up, or hinged with lock (can also be used in a wall assembly), GFRG access panels are perfect for new construction and retrofit alike. They are available in a myriad of standard shapes and sizes and have virtually limitless capabilities to be customized.

Built to last and not degrade, GFRG ceiling access panels provide both superior aesthetics and stellar performance. Proven on literally thousands of projects, both large and small, they are rapidly gaining in popularity throughout North America. So, before settling for an absolutely abysmally unattractive access panel, please consider a far better alternative; one that will highlight your space and not your access panel.