Synavax Inc., a company focused on nanoscience solutions for sustainability and energy efficiency, now offers their clear building insulation coating, Energy Protect, as a way to insulate skylights effectively while still allowing through the visible light, and reducing glare and UV damage. Skylights have long been a great way to add the beauty of natural light into a building. They can transform spaces from dark and confined to a beautiful connection between architecture and nature. LEED even includes a special energy saving points category for daylighting, which is traditionally done through use of skylights, by awarding points on the savings from using traditional electric lighting.

Unfortunately as gorgeous as skylights are, they have their problems. Many times, the designer will love the skylights, but the energy professional will have legitimate concerns about the energy loss from high heat transfer rates that allow heat into the building in the summer and let it escape in the winter. There are also issues with glare, UV damage, fading, and condensation.

"Skylights are one of the key building envelope applications that people ask us about often," stated Francesca Crolley, VP of Training and Specifications for Synavax. "They need help reducing skylight issues and we are pleased to help them with our award-winning Energy Protect thermal insulation coating, which is an excellent way to insulate skylights and make skylights UV resistant. In thermal imaging testing for both hot and cold simulations, the Energy Protect reduced the immediate air temperature by 8 degrees. According to the U.S. Department of Energy and California Energy Commission, which both recommend that consumers adjust thermostats to save energy, for each 1 degree of temperature, you could be saving up to 5 percent on heating or cooling costs, depending upon the season."

Energy Protect is a thin film coating that reduces heat transfer significantly, effectively insulating skylights in all seasons, while still allowing approximately 90-92 percent of the visible light to flow through. Buildings that have skylights often have issues with the constant damage of UV rays transmitting through the skylights into the space below. Energy Protect blocks approximately 80 percent of the damaging UV rays, thus preventing fading of carpets, furniture, and artwork.

Skylights and the aluminum framing around them tend to be very susceptible to condensation during temperature changes. Energy Protect coating can be spray applied over both the skylight and framing to help alleviate this issue, along with many others.

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