UV-resistant WRB

Benjamin Obdyke

Formerly known as FlatWrap HP, the new and improved FlatWrap UV is specially designed for use with architectural designs that incorporate open joint claddings. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen, it provides superior bulk water drainage, vapor permeability and durability. The product features a high performance tri-laminate design with superior UV resistance versus typical weather resistant barriers. In addition, the product has a vapor permeability of 35 perms, and has been proven to increase tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet. Available in 500 square feet rolls, the product can help significantly reduce both material and labor costs. The product does not require seams to be taped and its black color makes it virtually invisible in an open wall assembly, enhancing aesthetic appeal. For more information, visit benjaminobdyke.com.


Next-generation Booms


The Xtra Capacity boom lifts are designed to work in more applications that require higher capacities. All XC booms combine the benefits of a dual-envelope design to provide an unrestricted range of motion with a platform capacity of 660 pounds and a restricted operating envelope capacity of 1,000 pounds. To support additional weight on the platform, booms are engineered with an updated boom structure that boasts increased performance, range of motion and envelope control, as well as a robust jib capable of easily handling the standard maximum capacity. Genie XC booms reduce the number of lift cycles, as well as the amount of equipment, operators will need to get tools and materials to work areas at height—doing more with a single unit saves time and increases productivity. For more information, visit genielift.com.


Insulating Foam Sealant


Pro Fire Block Insulating Foam Sealant allows users to fill voids, large and small. It is used around electrical outlets, wire passages, ductwork, and any air passages from one level of a building to another. The product features a superior technology that seals off air passages, which slows the growth and movement of a growing fire. It is a B2 fire block foam that meets or exceeds all residential Fire Block standards and is orange in color for easy inspection recognition. Its cutting time is 60 minutes and is fully cured in 24 hours.


Formulated Joint Compound

Continental Building Products

The Rapid Deco Level 5 System helps ensure a Level 5 finish in less time than traditional methods. Comprising the company’s factory-applied skim-coated Bison Board drywall and complementary joint compound, the product takes the guesswork out of on-site applications by incorporating skim coating as part of temperature-controlled, industrial production. The joint compound is specially formulated to match the skim coat. Because the system requires very little time to refine the surface with joint compound after installation, it offers significant savings in comparison to Level 5 projects for which the skim coat is hand- or spray-applied in the field. For more information, visit continental-bp.com.


Truck Box Solutions


RedArmour is a brand of affordable truck boxes designed to suit storage needs from work to play. Available in both saddle boxes and universal chests, the boxes provide the security and durability needed to protect valuable tools, equipment and gear. Ideal for both the jobsite and everyday storage needs, these truck boxes provide everyday protection at an affordable price. Designed with the most important features and value in mind, the products are built with four piece welded construction and push button locks. Additional product features include:

  • Reliable security
  • Weather resistant
  • Extra storage for quick access
  • Backed by two year warranty

For more information, visit redarmourboxes.com


Adhesive Guns


The 20V MAX* Adhesive Guns (DCE560, DCE570, DCE580) for a wide variety of sealing and gluing applications in the automotive and construction industries. The guns can be used with various adhesives including latex, silicone, polyurethane, flexible epoxy and more. The product is available in three canister sizes; 10oz/300ml (DCE560), 29oz (DCE570), or 300-600ml Sausage Tube (DCE580), which provides the professional with the ability to choose the format that suits their typical use best. Key features include Anti-Drip that briefly auto-retracts the plunging rod when the trigger is released. Also featuring a variable speed trigger and variable speed dial, each of the guns provide finite adjustments in speed at which material is released. To limit user fatigue and ensure the proper amount of material is released, the product’s trigger can be locked at a specific setting during use. For more information, visit dewalt.com.


Stacked Stone Walls

Foam Factory

These realistic Stacked Stone wall panels come in 24-inch by 48-inch interlocking sections that weigh only 6 pounds. They are fast and easy to glue or screw to a wall, are very easy to cut and are available in six colors. For example, a 10 foot by 8 foot high wall can be completed in less than three hours. The panels are ideal for accent walls for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and more. For more information, visit foamfactory.com.