The November Toolbox includes a selection of great walls and ceilings products, including drywall estimating software, scaffolding, and more.

Starter Boards for EIFS

Dryvit Inc.

In increasing numbers, contractors are relying on Acrocore Starter Boards to accelerate construction and reduce labor demand on their crews. The boards are uniformly machine-coated to produce a product that is three times harder and stronger than traditional hand-applied starter boards. Installing pre-coated boards can be three times faster than manual back wrapping. Purchasing factory-produced boards allows contractors to utilize their crews more efficiently, ultimately saving time and money. The use of the Acrocore also adds two years to the company’s standard system warranties on its Outsulation wall assemblies. The benefits of the product extend beyond accelerated installation times. For more information, visit

Multi-purpose Scaffold


The ScaffoldBench is a four-in-one multipurpose unit. It is a 6-foot scaffold, a garage storage unit, a utility cart and a mobile workbench with miter saw stand. As a traditional scaffold it has a 1,100-pound capacity, and allows two workers with tools and materials to stand on the scaffold. When standing on the deck, the user can reach up to 12 feet. If you need to reach higher areas, the scaffold can be stacked up to three levels high for a 24-foot high reach. It has easy to adjust spring-loaded locking pins, so the user can change the height as needed every 2 inches from as low as 27 inches up to 73 inches. Included are 5-inch heavy-duty, double-locking casters to move around the jobsite easily.  The plywood platform is reinforced with steel construction. For more information, visit

Drywall Estimating Software

Pro Bid Apps

Pro Bid Drywall is an easy-to-use cross platform application for desktop and mobile devises that users can quickly and accurately develop material lists and a detailed project bid. The software is currently available for Mac and Windows with the iOS and Android versions soon. Whether a drywall contractor or gypsum material broker needing to prepare an itemized and accurate materials list or quote, this software was created and designed specifically for the drywall industry.

At its core, it has a very user-friendly dashboard. There are only a few buttons within the software, with drop menus for selections. It comes with a standard gypsum database, containing a list of drywall boards and finishes with labor items. It contains various report selections, along with a supplier quote system. For more information, visit

Five-in-one Ladder


The Multi-Position Fiberglass Pro Ladder offers professionals the use of five different ladder configurations in one compact design. The ladder touts a design that provides stability for a diverse array of jobsite needs and reduces the need to bring and haul multiple ladders to the jobsite. Professionals can utilize the unit as an extension ladder, a wall ladder, a twin stepladder or stairway stepladder, and can employ its rungs as a stable scaffold base that requires no additional hinges. The ladder, whose extension reaches 11, 15 and 19 feet depending on model number, easily folds into a compact ladder that can be carried through tight corridors and placed into most vehicles without the need of a rack.

The twist-proof multi-position ladder is available in three different models based on the size and reach of the ladder. For more information, visit