Knauf Insulation is giving contractors and builders a simple way to install complete acoustical and thermal comfort in any wall cavity with the introduction of JetSpray Thermal Insulation System, a high-performance, spray-on glass mineral wool. Utilizing the company’s stabilized fiber technology, JetSpray can be applied in a net-less, side wall application—creating a custom insulation solution for projects ranging from residential and multi-family dwellings to modular or light commercial structures. It installs easily around wiring and other wall obstructions, eliminating gaps to fill cavities completely while preventing settling. Excess material is scrubbed during installation, vacuumed and reused—maximizing every bag of insulation and saving contractors and builders resources and money. 

Typically, JetSpray dries within 24 hours and drywall can be installed the next day, eliminating impacts to the production schedule.

"The benefits to our contractor and builder partners are numerous, including an accelerated project schedule, streamlined setup and installation, and the confidence of knowing the home will provide years of sustainable comfort for the owner," said Shawn Dunahue, marketing director, residential, Knauf Insulation.

Because it is a spray-on insulation, JetSpray makes Grade 1 installations quick and easy to achieve. It is installed by authorized contractors who are field trained by Knauf Insulation to ensure the highest levels of performance. Unlike other spray-on insulation options, Knauf’s manufacturing process takes the guesswork out of mixing binder chemicals onsite by incorporating calculated amounts of a water-activated adhesive into the JetSpray fibers—allowing installers to focus on a hassle-free and efficient installation. And to help installers achieve accurate density, the Knauf Insulation mobile app offers fiber flow tests and water flow test calculators for easy adjustment.

JetSpray provides ultimate thermal and acoustic comfort and efficiency for the homeowner, with R-values of R-15 when installed in a 2x4 wall cavity, and R-23 in a 2x6 cavity. Adding JetSpray to wall cavities can also reduce sound transmission up to 5 STC points. Additionally, JetSpray’s glass fibers are innately mold-resistant and do not support microbial growth, contributing to a healthy indoor environment.

For even greater efficiency and comfort, Knauf recommends installing JetSpray in cavities that have been sealed with ECOSEAL Plus, a water-based elastomeric sealant that forms a continuous air barrier for joints, seams, and gaskets.

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