The new formulation of the company’s High Yield Adhesive features an advanced polyurethane adhesive technology. It has been extensively field tested by drywall contractors of one of the largest residential builders in the country and, when compared to the leading competitors, has shown to do a much better job of filling gaps to prevent hollow spots and loose boards, and unlike latex-based adhesives, has minimal shrinkage as it cures. All of these attributes help to greatly reduce one of a contractor’s biggest problems – screw pops.

Just ask Rudy Ruiz, owner of RR Drywall and Painting. He has 40 years of drywall experience and, in his work for D.R. Horton, has seen huge reductions in screw pops since he started using the product. He says: “with the latex adhesive we were seeing up to 200 screw pops per house and visible seams everywhere. But when we switched over to the new TYTAN Drywall High Yield Adhesive, we have seen screw pops go from 200 per house to just 10, and no more seams. I’m not easily impressed with the performance of any product I have to use, but I am very impressed with this TYTAN drywall adhesive.”

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