Icynene has introduced a new closed-cell spray foam product featuring HFO blowing agent Opteon 1100 from Chemours Company, a low-VOC closed-cell spray foam product as well as a low-pressure kit for touch-up and repair work. The product innovation complements Icynene’s move to begin manufacturing within the Czech Republic.

“Continual product innovation and the introduction of several new high-performance insulation products demonstrate that Icynene continues to lead and evolve the spray foam insulation category. Moreover, through fostering key partnerships, we have broadened our recognition and reach across the continent while ensuring our customers remain competitive and successful in their local markets,” said Bertrand Lauret, Director of Icynene for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

IcyFoam Select – the first HFO spray foam with CE Marketing

IcyFoam Select is believed to be the first spray foam insulation product that uses a HFO blowing agent, Opteon 1100™ from the Chemours Company, to acquire the CE Marketing. IcyFoam Select has been used in the new Boxpark Croydon development in London. IcyFoam Select was applied in 50mm (two inch) thicknesses on the interior of 70 shipping containers. The project’s architectural firm selected Icynene and the new HFO product for Icynene’s strong brand recognition and quality reputation within the market, the insulation’s thermal insulating qualities, air sealing qualities as well as for its environmental credentials.

IcyFoam Basic – Low VOC spray foam

Suitable for commercial and residential construction, new low VOC spray foam innovation, IcyFoam Basic, offers a 0,027 lambda value, superior adhesion and air sealing properties.  The 40kg/m3 closed-cell spray foam product has received a CE marking and an ‘E’ fire class rating.

IcyFoam QuickFill – Spray foam repair kits

IcyFoam QuickFill spray foam insulation repair kits are intended as an accompaniment to insulate and air seal hard-to-reach and small areas that larger, high-pressure systems are unable to reach. Designed for quick and easy use, the kits are light-weight for easy portability. Each kit is equipped with a canister of foam product, a PU cleaner, foam gun applicator and water spray bottle.

Manufacturing to commence in Czech Republic

Icynene Europe will begin to manufacture its European spray foam insulation products in the Czech Republic in an effort to streamline production and logistic shipping practices within the region. Manufacturing will begin in spring to meet the increase in demand during the summer period.