WindowMaster has launched a new eBook that explores the effects, advantages and challenges of natural ventilation. It is a no-nonsense guide for architects who are interested in how and why to design with natural ventilation and what to consider before choosing this ventilation system.

"Imagine you could reduce a building's area used for ventilation with 90%, what would be the impact on your design and performance of that building?"

This is the opening line of WindowMaster's newly released eBook for Architects. The eBook addresses some of the issues and opportunities that architects worldwide face when designing buildings that must provide both a healthy indoor climate and meet sustainable requirements.

As the title (Why and how to use natural ventilation in your building design) also suggests, the eBook is a very hands-on guide, which is meant to inspire building designers by answering some of the most commonly asked questions concerning intelligent natural ventilation. As such, the eBook offers specific advice on sustainable ventilation architecture.

The new eBook is free and can be downloaded here: