For rental companies and customers, accessory products are a great way to maximize equipment utilization and expand existing machines functionality. Not only do accessories enhance mobile elevating work platforms, also known as MEWPs, on different jobsites, but they also expand a rental company’s ability to offer flexible rental options that target specific customer needs.

Safety is a top priority on jobsites but sometimes operators use homemade devices to load and carry materials on MEWPs. This can be hazardous for the operator or surrounding personnel as the homemade devices are not tested, or properly designed. On top of this, they have the potential to be inefficient for the intended job application.

To get the best return on investment, here are five accessories available on the market that could help boost safety and productivity. 

Tool Tray and Tool Caddy

On jobsites, it is common to see operators modifying railings to attach homemade boxes to carry tools on MEWPs. While it may seem like a harmless solution, the risk is the unknown of how much weight the homemade box can hold until it breaks off or affects the machine’s stability. 

To address unauthorized modification of the railings and safe usage, rental companies and operators should use manufacture-approved and tested tool trays or tool caddies. Some access equipment manufacturers, offer a range of accessories including tool trays and tool caddies that are designed to keep tools and components at waist-level and within arm’s reach. The tool tray and tool caddy are mounted on the platform to maximize workspace. Securing the tool tray or tool caddy above the platform floor prevents operators from tripping on tools when they move around on the platform. 

To maximize the use of accessories, rental companies and operators should choose tool carriers that can be used on different machines. For example, Skyjack’s tool tray can be fitted on vertical mast lifts and the tool caddy is designed to carry different sizes of hand tools and fits all of the company’s scissors and boom lifts. 

Pipe Rack

Pipe racks are an ideal aid for plumbers, electricians and maintenance workers who want to organize materials, optimize operator movement and prevent damage to the machine or railings. Light- and heavy-duty pipe racks are available for vertical mast lifts, electric and rough terrain scissor lifts, and boom lifts. For example, the pipe racks have a rated workload that varies from 50 pounds to 860 pounds.

When pipes are secured to lifting equipment, it allows operators to access pipes at their waist-level, thus avoiding potential back injuries from constantly picking up materials from the platform floor and reducing trip hazards. For rental companies, pipe racks also help reduce the possibility that end users would attach heavy pipes inappropriately on the railing and damage the equipment. 

Board/Drywall Carrier

Board carriers are designed specifically for applications that require the holding and lifting of sheet materials such as drywall. Similar to pipe racks, board carriers allow operators to obtain peace of mind when handling materials at height—they reduce the risk of operator injury due to lifting heavy drywall over the railing and increases productivity by allowing operators to lift more materials at height. 

The board/drywall carrier, panels and drywall are mounted vertically outside of the platform, leaving more work space on the platform. In addition, they free users from holding the drywall while operating the machine. The flexibility of board/drywall carriers makes them a desired addition on equipment such as electric scissor lifts. 

Glazier Kit

One major challenge for glaziers is securing and protecting glass while moving around on articulating and telescopic booms. A good solution could be the glazier kit in the company’s Accessoryzer range, which is designed to provide easy handling and reduced manual carrying of glass and other fragile materials at height. 

Like board carriers, the glazier kit secures material on the outside of the platform, eliminating the need to move materials up and over the railing, which may cause safety issues. For example, Skyjack’s glazier kit is rated to carry 210 pounds. It helps reduce loading time and allows operators to carry materials and complete their work more efficiently. 

Companies also test the glazier kit for outdoor wind rating. For example, a glazier kit for boom lifts can be used under a maximum wind speed of 28 mph. With manufacturer tested and approved accessories, operators can rest assured that they are working with simply reliable products that not only boost safety but also productivity.

Material Handling Stand

For large projects where some of the heaviest materials need to be lifted, a material handling stand could be an ideal solution. This multi-purpose attachment can be used as a pipe rack for large duct pipes or a sheet stand for drywall, glass or boards. 

Designed for full-size rough terrain scissors, the material handling stand is mounted on the platform and extension decks while providing ample room to work around. The key feature of this versatile attachment is the rated work capacity enabling it to lift up to 860 pounds worth of materials. This provides a safe, secure and productive solution for transportation and material installation. 

Benefits of OEM-approved Accessories

More and more people are looking for OEM-approved attachments because manufacturers test them heavily to ensure safe use. For end users, these accessories bring peace of mind when they’re completing challenging work at height. For rental companies, adding accessories to their fleet helps grow their competitive edge as a provider of flexible equipment options. If rental companies have the capacity to offer attachments that keep people safe and machines intact, they’re more likely to win business and increase the return on investment.