Ram Board’s newest product, Painter’s Board, is designed specifically for painters, offering durable, spill resistant, flexible protection to keep even the messiest projects clean. Painter’s Board is created with the same standards as Ram Board. Painter’s Board features Ram Board’s patented Spill Guard technology to keep spilled paint and other liquids from damaging floors and other surfaces. The durability of Painter’s Board prevents scratches and damages. This floor protection board also features Vapor Cure technology to allow air and moisture to escape, which is crucial for the even curing of newly installed concrete, glue down floors, stained floors, epoxy floors and refinished floors. Painter’s Board lays fast and flat during installation and is made of 100 percent natural non-staining recycled materials. If Painter’s Board gets wet, staining will not occur as it continues to provide protection throughout the paint project. Each lightweight roll is 35 inches wide, allowing it to fit in standard residential halls and most doorways. Weighing only 10 pounds per roll, it is easy to move multiple rolls at one time.


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