If you’re trying to find an edge against the competition, a simple solution is to start using apps on your smart phone or iPad while on the job site.

With contractors consistently on the go, mobile technology is making it easier by reaching wall and ceiling contractors with construction apps.

 iPads, iPhones and other smart phones are considered irreplaceable resources on the job site nowadays with the help of downloadable applications that organize and deliver information quicker than ever. What gives them an advantage to a laptop is their level of portability and the range of apps available for use. 

Here’s a handful of some apps you should download to lighten up your tool bag and get the job done faster, whether you’re a beginner who just got a smart phone or you already access BIM data on your iPad. These options range in price and function but your best bet is to begin by downloading a free option, understand its functionality, and then pin-point which apps will work best for you by visiting Apple’s App store or Android’s Google Play Web sites.


Peer Assist Construction app

company name: PeerAssist

app name: Field Work Order

platform(s): iOS, Android, Web-Based for Desktop.

target audience: Specialty Contractors and General Contractors

app description: Field Work Order (FWO) is an all-digital Time and Material management and tracking software. FWO is built from the ground up to help Subcontractors and General Contractors work smarter, more efficiently and most importantly to make sure every item from the first screw to the last supervision hour is added and included in every tag. The number one goal of FWO is to reach 100% parity between the work performed in the field and the Change Order Request. The field and office have long been two different segmented units working towards one goal. FWO has been optimized for both desktops and tablets to provide all the necessary tools to allow communication and faster turnaround time both on the job site and in the office.

URL: www.peerassist.com

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/dee3fc1

Google: http://fqrct.com/t/62b36fb


StructionSite Construction app

company name: StructionSite

app name: StructionSite

platform(s): Available for download on the Apple App Store as well as available via the web. 

target audience: Contractors, Subcontractors

app description: Contractors love StructionSite because they can ‘walk the job,’ even from the office. Owners love StructionSite for the transparency and professional offline handover deliverable. Our newest platform enhancement, VideoWalk™, allows the user to walk around a job site, non-stop, while recording 4K 360 videos. Once uploaded, StructionSite will automatically track and stitch a path onto a floor plan, allowing a project team to visit any location along that path as if you had stopped and taken a 360 photo. StructionSite is the #1 reality capture platform for Construction teams to improve processes, know when work is ready, and collaborate quicker.

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/1ce9eee


ClarkDietrich Construction app

company name: CLARKDIETRICH

app name: Clip ExpressSM Navigator from ClarkDietrich

platform(s): Web Based Application

target audience: Contractors, Distributors, Architects and Engineers

app description: Thanks to ClarkDietrich iTools, searching our industry-leading lineup of clips and connections is easier than ever. That’s because Clip Express Navigator is now part of the platform, which gives you immediate access to vast amounts of data for streamlining purchase decisions and product selection. Get fast lookups of rigid, deflection, floor framing, roof and truss connections, plus bridging, backing and bracing—optimized for mobile devices.

URL: http://www.itools.clarkdietrich.com


FBM Construction app

company name: Foundation Building Materials (FBM)

app name: FBM Delivery Tracking App

platform(s): iOS and Android

target audience: Commercial & Residential Contractors 

app description: By using the FBM Mobile App, contractors can now eliminate the costly guesswork and follow up associated with building materials delivery. No more calling a branch to ask where’s my order, when will it be here or has it shipped yet; the FBM App Order Tracking System utilizes state-of-the-art GPS technology to provide real time push notification and email updates as to the status of an order. Whether an order has recently been placed, is in the process of being picked, happens to be en-route or was just delivered on-site, FBM App users  know exactly what is going on from start-to-finish. Better yet, the FBM App also has an advanced “Map My Truck” feature which allows users to view and follow the actual location of their truck on a map for even more accurate delivery information. Get started by downloading the FBM Delivery Tracking App today!  

URL: http://www.fbmsales.com/about-us/mobile-app/

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/b76da35

Google:  http://fqrct.com/t/2c71232


CertainTeed Insulation Construction app

company name: CertainTeed Insulation

app name: InsulSafe®SP Field App

platform(s): Available on Google Play and Apple Stores

target audience: Insulation Contractors and Remodelers

app description: CertainTeed’s InsulSafe® SP Mobile Field App provides installers with easy access to the information they need most, exactly when they need it, on the job. With a few quick taps you can access:

  • The InsulSafe® SP Attic Calculator provides quick and easy on-site estimates to customers
  • An Attic Troubleshooting Guide to answer commonly asked questions
  • Health and safety information
  • Product information including specifications, brochures and videos.

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/c834302

Google: http://fqrct.com/t/d190555


MetalTech Construction app

company name: Metaltech®

app name: Metaltech

platform(s): Apple and Android

target audience: Bricklayer, Mason and Contractor working with exterior scaffolding.

app description: Metaltech® is your premier source for all your scaffolding needs. A reputable North American manufacturer, Metaltech scaffold frames use the SaferStack® design in order to help prevent injury during transport and reduce warehousing space while in storage. Use this App to calculate your scaffolding frames needs for any wall dimension, share the results with colleagues or get a quote for your quantities. The App is also your best resource for a one step access to our website, brochures and videos.

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/metaltech/id1085241552?mt=8

Google: http://fqrct.com/t/68d21df


CertainTeed Ceilings Construction app

company name: CertainTeed Ceilings

app name: Ceilings Product Comparison Tool

platform(s): Web-Based Application – Compatible with all Platforms

target audience: Contractors

app description: CertainTeed Ceilings Product Comparison Tool is an essential online resource for ceiling specifiers looking for product alternatives. Side-by-side comparisons and streamlined navigation makes it easy to find smart substitutions and chose the right products for the job. Expand your choices today.

URL: CertainTeed.com/CompareCeilingProducts


eSUB Construction app

company name: eSUB Construction Software

app name: eSUB Time

platform(s): iOS and Android

target audience: Subcontractors and Self Performing General Contractors

app description: How much time are you wasting tracking down time sheets? Go paperless and eliminate double entry with eSUB Time. eSUB’s mobile time tracking solution empowers your team with accurate data to take your time keeping to the next level and deliver real-time labor productivity.

URL: http://go.esub.com/Walls_Ceilings_2018.html

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/ab073bd

Google:  http://fqrct.com/t/941e94e


Johns Manville Construction app

company name: Johns Manville

app name: SmartBinder App

platform(s): Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play

target audience: Contractors, Specifiers, Distributors, Sales Teams

app description: When you need on-the-go access to JM’s product data, going to the JM website may not always be an option. That’s why we have the JM SmartBinder App.  This free app gives you mobile access to all of our building insulation product information in one, central location.

The SmartBinder App offers a variety of benefits that can help improve your efficiency:

  • Easy access to product data sheets, technical bulletins, and more.
  • Customizable save settings for quick access to the documents you use the most.
  • Easily email information to your customers for fast collaboration.
  • Automatic updates ensure information is always current.
  • Data available even without internet access.

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/c6d093c

Google: http://fqrct.com/t/941e94e


Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions Construction app

company name: Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions 

app name: Sound Level Meter App 

platform(s): Apple

app description: Visualize the noise in your space with the Sound Level Meter app from Armstrong Ceiling and Wall Solutions and compare it with recommended ranges for similar spaces.

This completely FREE app measures the sound level in your interior space and recommends the proper ceiling or wall treatment for optimal acoustical comfort.

This tool can help you diagnose acoustical issues or simply increase awareness of noise in your space. Real time, Log view, Maximum, and Average sound levels are displayed and recorded on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

The Sound Log keeps track of your measurements with audio recordings and the treatment recommendation. In addition, you have the option to send your results directly to a U.S.-based TechLine acoustical expert from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions who will work with you to find the right solution.

All you have to do is visit the iPhone app store, search for the free Sound Level Meter, download the app, and start recording. A quieter space is just a few clicks away.

Apple: http://fqrct.com/t/20b9703