Egan Visual announces the acquisition of the assets and ongoing business of Working Walls Solutions, a 35-year-old manufacturer of acoustic and tackable products designed to solve noise and display problems. The line includes Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Products, Tackable Wall Panels, Partition Extenders, and other solutions for noise and sound transmission reduction.


This acquisition complements the Egan “Sound Ideas” line which includes Egan Disperse and Egan Tacet Acoustical Panels, and provides Egan customers with access to a comprehensive range of standard, configured, and custom products that are visually appealing and functionally superb. Designers and customers may specify Egan Working Walls products with a wide range of familiar fabrics from Guilford of Maine, Carnegie, KnollTextiles, and Maharam, amongst others.


Working Walls products have become a part of the Egan line, are available through Egan dealers, and are represented by the comprehensive Egan Manufacturer’s Rep network.


Sean Brown, President & CEO of Egan visual, stated, “Like Egan, Working Walls has great heritage and a bright future as part of the family. Because of our reputation for innovation – especially with vertical planes – customers have been calling on Egan for solutions to the growing noise in the workplace. Instantly, Egan offers a broad range of sound damping solutions that are both high design and have sound technical underpinnings.” continues to provide product information which will be added to the new At NeoCon 2018, Egan unveiled an all-new showroom in the Mart (10-151) to celebrate Egan’s 50th NeoCon appearance. Working Walls products will be integrated into this new space.