The January 2019 Product Focus features firestopping and fireproofing products, including foam strips, systems for drywall applications, and more.


Firestop Compressible Intumescent Foam Strips


Blaze Foam is a compressible, fast installation intumescing foam strip for firestopping dynamic and static head-of-wall, bottom-of-wall and wall-to-wall joints. The product is a charcoal-colored, polyurethane foam strip designed for easily compressing by hand into construction joints on both sides of the wall up to 1-inch-wide. The compressible firestop increases project productivity, reduces jobsite waste and cuts firestopping labor installation time by 75 percent. The foam was tested in accordance with UL 2079 and ASTM E1966, and is compliant with the IBC, the NFPA and all other building code authorities. The compressible firestop is classified as a fill, void or cavity material and carries an F rating up to 2 hours. For more information, visit


Drywall Reveal Molding Firestop Backing

Stockton Products

The FAS-Reveal DRM (Fire Barrier) is a 2½-inch wide hemmed red corrugated metal flat strap that provides the required backing and firestopping behind architectural drywall reveal moldings with up to a 2 hour fire rating. The assembly is based on UL 2079, WW-S-0076 and BW-S-0036. The FAS Fire Barrier is attached directly over the steel or wood studs at the desired location of the reveal molding, allowing for quick and easy installation of backing at all reveal molding conditions. For more information, visit


Firestop System for Drywall Applications


Total Track Solution is a pre-formed solution that seals drywall joints at the same time track is installed. This versatile top-of-wall system can be used with any track to achieve fire, smoke and STC ratings by filling the gap between metal tracks and imperfect concrete. Interior finishing contractors will find the fast and simple installation increases productivity when compared to traditional methods of sealant. It‘s designed for easy inspection with identifiable product according to specifications. Firestop track seal CFS-TTS and new smoke and acoustic track seal CS-TTS SA is available in 35⁄8 inch and OS, which is a flexible solution for any track size. Both products come in 10 feet sections, which can easily be cut to custom length. For more information, visit


Fireproofing Block Sealants

TYTAN Professional/Selena USA

Temperature fluctuations have always created challenges for fire block sealants: melting or slumping in high heat, crumbling or not dispensing at all in the cold—all usually leading to costly callbacks to pass inspections. Now installation contractors can eliminate their weather worries with the Professional Fire Block Extreme PRO and Professional Fire Block 113, introduced by Selena USA. The Extreme PRO works with ambient and can temperatures of -4 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit; while the 113 works with ambient and can temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and cures with as little as 20 percent humidity. For more information, visit


Fireproofing Pump and Mixer


The Carrousel Pump with an industrial Rolair top mounted air compressor is capable of spraying fireproofing material. The U-Blend Mixer was designed to mount on top of the pump. The pumps are known for being well-designed and constructed, simple to clean, and offering ease of operation. The pumps are versatile and capable of pumping epoxy grouts, heavily bodied materials, and re-grouting mortar joints and spraying waterproofing, EIFS, artificial rock work, stucco, and other commercial coatings. For more information, visit