Sto Corp. announced that it is launching its StoVentec ventilated rainscreen cladding system in the U.S., available in both glass and render finishes, StoVentec provides designers with a whole new range of aesthetic choices and the ability to achieve distinctive looks for building façades coupled with the highly-engineered performance characteristics Sto is famous for around the world.


StoVentec Glass is an elegant design solution comprised of glass-faced composite panels, thermal insulation and robust sub-construction. Manufactured individually, the panels come in a wide variety of shapes and an impressive range of custom colors. The colors are fused into the glass so that the panels will not wear, scratch, fade or incur water damage. Widely adopted in Europe, StoVentec Glass works well as either an external cladding with the sheen of a reflective surface or as an internal decorative option for lobbies, elevator banks and branded entranceways.


The StoVentec Glass system can be mounted on virtually any substrate. The panels are factory produced with a horizontal “agraffe” fixing-rail and hung from the sub-construction on-site, promising a fast and simple installation regardless of weather conditions.


The StoVentec Render ventilated rainscreen system provides an ideal balance of artistry, economics and performance, employing Sto’s versatile range of specialty finishes to achieve a multitude of decorative looks -- from heavy grits to ultra-smooth surfaces and variegated color palettes, to uniform vibrant colors utilizing Sto’s HP Colorant System.


StoVentec Render combines superior efficiency for the building envelope with a broad scope for custom design on both new and refurbished buildings. The layered system is made up of a sub-construction of steel and aluminum brackets, mineral wool thermal insulation board, render carrier board, reinforcement plaster, reinforcement mesh and Sto textured finish. The Render system provides the flexibility to realize the most demanding designs: flat or curved, concave or convex, either white or vibrantly colored.


“We are very excited to be introducing StoVentec Glass and StoVentec Render to our U.S.-based community of architects, designers, and construction professionals,” said Chris Lazowski, Senior Director, Strategic Business Development. “These proven systems will enable our customers to stretch the creative boundaries of what can be achieved with a rainscreen façade, and they can rely on Sto for its expertise and superior customer service to help deliver the results they envision.”


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