Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in claddings, air barriers, coatings and restoration systems, is proud to announce that StoVentec Rainscreen Systems has been evaluated by Intertek, a respected, independent and accredited agency, and found to be fully code compliant.

StoVentec Render and Masonry Veneer Rainscreen systems are all included in Intertek’s evaluations, and the Glass system is coming soon. “Typically, code evaluations come piecemeal, one component at a time,” explained David Hohenstern, Senior Product Development Specialist at Sto Corp. “But this evaluation vouches for the complete Rainscreen systems’ compliance for water resistance, wind and fire. This is significant.”

The Code Compliance Research Reports issued by the agency indicate that the systems evaluated are in compliance with the specific testing standards of multiple jurisdictions, including Florida, California and Miami-Dade County. “This will simplify life for architects and contractors,” Hohenstern added. “Not only can they be sure that every element of the StoVentec Rainscreen system they’ve chosen will work together seamlessly, but they’ll also know that it’s all compliant no matter where they are in the country.”

The evaluations became active on May 25. In some cases, in-process updates will add more codes. To read the Code Compliance Research Reports in their entirety, visit