Smooth-On, Inc., based in Pennsylvania, announces that it has acquired Accu-Cast, a manufacturer of alginate mold making materials located in Bend, Oregon.

Accu-Cast was founded as Accu-Dent in 1969 by Dr. John Frush, a dentist and entrepreneur who introduced unique alginate formulations for dental applications. Daughter Lucinda Frush Baker and Son-in-Law Chris Baker joined Accu-Dent in 1989 and focused their efforts not only on marketing to the dental industry, but also saw opportunity in developing alginate formulations for creating television and film special effects.

Following years of exceptional growth, the Accu-Dent business was sold. Recognizing the potential for unique alginate formulations for a variety of applications other than dental, the Baker’s built a new manufacturing facility in Bend, Oregon in 2005 and focused on R&D to expand the Accu-Cast product line. Today, Accu-Cast formulations are known around the world for consistent performance.

Smooth-On Vice President and Owner Clay Western states that, “We have always known Accu-Cast as a respected quality alginate formulator and manufacturer in our industry. There is tremendous synergy between our companies, and we are very excited to combine Accu-Cast’s innovative and unique products with Smooth-On’s extensive line of other mold making materials to bring added value to our global customer base.”

Since 1895, Smooth-On’s laboratory has developed hundreds of epoxy, urethane, silicone and other chemical formulations used for a variety of industrial, art related and consumer applications. This marks Smooth-On’s 31st acquisition in the last 25 years.