M. Grisafe Architect, an established architecture firm in the City of Long Beach, California, announced recently that the company has undergone a rebrand—complete with a new company name, as well as a new visual identity. The architecture firm, which completes both residential and commercial architectural design projects, has also gone through the process of becoming a corporation.

The Long Beach architecture firm will now be known as Grisafe Architecture, Inc. The previous name, M. Grisafe Architect, was chosen when the company was established with just one architect—owner Mark Grisafe. Now, with an expanded staff of design professionals, the architecture firm wanted a name that would both reflect past growth and support future growth. The name Grisafe Architecture gives a nod to the company's founding, while also giving it a more corporate feel that is appropriate for the level of design work being completed.

According to Mark Grisafe, "In the last several years, the company has begun to take on a life and identity of its own. I am no longer involved in every decision or responsible for all of the design work coming out of our office. While I'm still intimately connected to the company as its head architect, it is now much bigger than just me and I wanted a name that reflected that."

Along with the name change, Grisafe Architecture also had a new corporate logo designed by Southern California marketing firm Modmacro, Inc. About the new logo, Grisafe said, "When I first became an architect, it occurred to me that I had joined a profession that counted among its ranks such names as Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolph Schindler, Frank Gehry, and Ron Yeo. Our previous logos have given a nod to the history of architecture, and I wanted the new one to do so as well."

Grisafe continued, "In the new logo, we took the initials of Grisafe Architecture and used the 'A' to create a stylized compass, while the 'G' acts as a sweeping arch created by the compass. A component of good design is contrast, so we varied the thickness of the 'G' and the 'A'. The new logo is also more refined than previous versions—reflecting not only the evolution of our firm, but also the increased sophistication of the projects on which we're working."

Grisafe Architecture is a full-service architectural design firm, completing both commercial and residential design projects in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. The company is known not only for beautiful, clean, and functional design, but also for their desire to truly collaborate with their clients and provide excellent customer service and support.