Demilec, a leader in energy-efficient, eco-friendly spray foam insulations and coatings, was awarded a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from Miami-Dade County for Heatlok HFO Pro spray polyurethane foam adhesive. The notice certifies Heatlok HFO Pro, already a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Class 5 building material, also withstands the demands of Florida’s severe weather and stringent building codes.

Demilec tested Heatlok HFO Pro to demonstrate compliance with Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) building code standards and is authorized to bear the “Miami Dade Product Control Approved” stamp. The NOA designation specifies Heatlok HFO Pro for wind uplift mitigation, meeting exacting standards for tensile strength, dimensional stability and core density. 

The NOA approval process is recognized as a standard of excellence in building codes globally, used across the contiguous United States, South America, Guam, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Japan.

“We are proud to see Heatlok HFO Pro included as a Florida NOA designated product. We’ve always known Heatlok HFO Pro is extraordinary, and the designation ensures contractors, business owners and homeowners will know the same,” said Doug Brady, Demilec’s vice president of global innovation and product management. “We look forward to seeing more great results with Heatlok HFO Pro.” 

Brady also indicated that the Miami-Dade Product Control Approval allows Demilec to expand its contributions to environmentally conscious and safe building design.

Heatlok HFO Pro is a medium-density, closed-cell spray foam insulation that is tested and certified as an air barrier, vapor retardant, water barrier and thermal insulator. It acts as an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) insulation with superior sprayability, adhesion and compressive strength. Heatlok HFO Pro is compliant with the Montreal Protocol, an internationally accepted agreement to lower the use of GWP gases. 

Demilec’s extensive testing shows that Heatlok HFO Pro exceeds industry standards through:

  • An R-11 insulation value, exceeding the ASHRAE 90.1 continuous insulation requirements at 1.5 inches
  • Class II vapor retarder at 1-inch thick
  • Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) certification for adhesion to a majority of air-barrier materials
  • NFPA 285 certification with brick, stone and masonry exteriors

Like the entire line of Heatlok HFO products, HFO Pro utilizes blowing agent technology, which has a GWP 1 rating (99.9% lower than traditional blowing agents).