Bring your designs to life with Acoustic Art by Conwed. Our custom-printed panels give you the freedom to merge your creative ideas with the sound-absorbing qualities of our world-class acoustic solutions. Use your company’s logo, your school’s mascot, or a photo from your recent family vacation. The only limit is your imagination. Connect with us today to see how Acoustic Art by Conwed can add design flair to your space.

What It's Great for:

  • Coffeehouses
  • Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Studios
  • Museums
  • Offices


  • Noise reduction coefficient
  • Custom shapes and colors
  • Fire rating: Class 1/A
  • 3 year product warranty


As if the sound-absorbing custom-printed panels weren't enough to sell you, Acoustic Art by Conwed also features resin hardened edges applied over the fiberglass for structural rigidity, acoustical fiberglass core, molded fiberglass layer and a black painted finished edges.